• Keto Kitchen Meal Prep Services

  • Keto Kitchen is here to supply you with healthy pre-cooked Ketogenic meals that you can refrigerate or freeze and then heat up as needed during the week. This is a perfect option for those who dislike cooking, don’t have time to cook, or just simply don’t feel like doing all the work that comes with meal prepping and cooking!


    Menu Info:

    All meals are prepared in a health permitted licensed commercial kitchen by an amazing Chef!

    Currently the new menu is posted every Monday on our Facebook page:Keto Kitchen Kreations.

    You may also email me at info@hardinghealth.com to get the menu sent directly to you.

    All orders are due Thursdays at 5:00 and and pick up is Saturday and/or Sunday - see current weeks menu for pick up time frames.

    Placing an Order:

    When you are ready to place an order you can send a message to us via Facebook or email info@hardinghealth.com with your order. From there we send you a payment link and you’re good to go!


    We accept PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle

    5 Meal Minimum Order- You can mix & match meals however you’d like.

    Delivery available; fee's apply.