• I get asked pretty often what the key is to being successful on a Ketogenic Diet. Honestly, there is not one key to success but, if I had to give you an answer that would fit the majority of people, I would tell you consistency is the key to success. However, as true as it is I am sure you’ve heard that one before and are wanting more- so I complied a list of helpful tips that will prepare you for success when starting this new lifestyle.

    1. DO YOUR RESEARCH– You need to know what a TRUE Ketogenic diet is. With all the different Facebook groups and “experts” out there, the internet is being flooded with BAD, incorrect information. Yes, one aspect of Keto is about getting your body into a metabolic state of Ketosis- BUT- it is also about what kind of food you are eating. I saw a Facebook post the other day that drove me nuts. There was a girl who posted her “Keto meal” and she had RICE on her plate… RICE y’all. No, just no! Her argument was that she “maintains Ketosis with rice so therefore rice is Keto” (FACE PALM 100x). If you are incorporating grains, corn, beans, or high sugar fruits- YOU ARE NOT DOING A KETOGENIC DIET! You are EATING A LOW-CARB DIET! Do your research from reputable sources and know what to eat and what not to eat. I recommended reading the book Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore.

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    2. PLAN PLAN PLAN– Once you know what to eat and what not to eat, make a plan! Print off a cute little meal planner from Pinterest or use some scratch paper- either way write down your plan for the following week. This is something that needs to be worked into a weekly routine so its sure to get done. Success comes from what you do in your daily routine. Planning is a HUGE key to success- you cannot fly by the seat of your pants because you’ll end up in a Drive-Thru, eating something you’re not suppose to at home, and just spending more money overall.

    Here is an example of how I plan and remain successful:

    • Thursday: This is my planning day where I write down my meals for the following week. Then I create my grocery list using my meal plan.

    • Friday: I use my grocery list to order groceries from Kroger’s ClickList or I order groceries using Instacart delivery.

    • Saturday: I pick up my groceries from Kroger’s ClickList if I didn’t have them delivered already.

    • Sunday- I meal prep any breakfast or lunches I’ll need for the week.



    3. PREP PREP PREP– Plain and simple, if you work or have a very busy schedule then you should be meal prepping your lunches and possibly even your breakfast. If you stay home you might be able to eat a little more freely for lunch but still have a plan. Prepping really doesn’t take THAT long and you’ll be so happy you did when that busy work week rolls around. Pick something simple- crockpot or casserole dishes- that you could whip up quickly and then portion out. You could chop up veggies and cook some meat for salad all week- it doesn’t have to be complicated.

    4. STAY HYDRATED– I mean this is self explanatory.

    5. KEEP THE CARBS BELOW 20-30G NET– You figure out NET carbs by subtracting the fiber from the carbohydrates. If the label shows sugar alcohol and its above 5g then you subtract half of that from the carbohydrates as well.


    7. DON’T SLACK ON THE PROTEIN! You need this to maintain your lean muscle mass. People say not to eat a lot of protein because it will turn to glucose. You have to eat a heck of a lot of protein for that to happen so EAT YOUR PROTEIN!!

    8. EAT HEALTHY FATS WITH EVERY MEAL– that means macadamia nuts, pecans, almonds, coconut Oil, Kerrygold butter, avocados, salmon, eggs, and animal fats (grass-fed is possible). NO TRANS FAT or VEGETABLE OILS.

    9. GET YOUR HOUSEHOLD OR SPOUSE ON BOARD– support and a partner makes a world of a difference!

    10. REMOVE ALL JUNK FOOD FROM THE HOUSE– no junk food means no temptation and no temptation means no slip ups.


    12. DON’T WEIGH YOURSELF DAILY- you will make yourself crazy and create unnecessary stress. When you’re stressed your Cortisol levels increase and it inhibits weight loss. Not to mention, Keto is not only good for weight loss but it also has tremendous health benefits; try focusing on that as well!

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    If you have tried all the above and you’re still not having success on Keto here is what I recommend:

    1) Calculate your macros and start weighing & tracking your food, you might be eating too much or even too little.

    2.) If you’re doing all the above and eating the appropriate macros and STILL aren’t successful then I recommend you visit a Functional Medicine doctor; you’ll want to  get some extensive blood work done with an in depth look at your thyroid and adrenals.

    I hope these suggestions were helpful! If you would like coaching and guidance for the Ketogenic Diet I would love to help! You email can email me at info@hardinghealth.com also you can come “LIKE” my Facebook page Keto Kitchen Kreations for meal ideas and other Keto info!



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    Good basic info. I'm committed to this lifestyle and happy to have professionals like you to turn to for help.